ASSET MANAGEMENT IN FOCUS: Brexit Means Back to Basics

March 16, 2017

This week London played host to The Summit for Asset Management - or TSAM as it’s better known. This series of conferences, which have been running [...] Read more

Providing PR for the Annual HBS VCPE Conference

March 2, 2017

- Phil Nunes, Boston
What if you could gather more than 80 thought leaders in alternative investing, including some of the foremost names in venture capital [...] Read more

IMPACT IN FOCUS: BackBay’s Commitment to Impact Investing Communications

February 17, 2017

- Bill Haynes, Boston
Impact Investing certainly isn’t a new idea in the capital markets space, but at BackBay Communications, we have noticed that [...] Read more

BackBay’s Elements of Success

January 6, 2017

- Bill Haynes, Boston

How can we best succeed as a business and as individuals? As we enter a new year, it’s a good time to [...] Read more

A Guide to Private Equity Firm Spinoff Communications

September 22, 2016

- Bill Haynes, Boston
You only get one chance to make a first impression – it’s just as true for new private equity firms as it [...] Read more

Despite Challenges, Asset Managers Beginning to Embrace Content Marketing

May 11, 2016

- Bill Haynes, Boston
In case there were any lingering doubts remaining around the ability of companies and corporations to dis-intermediate traditional publishers, consider for a [...] Read more

A Little of that Human Touch

January 21, 2016

- Peter Czyryca, Boston
2016 is here, and with it, a fresh start. The New Year has always been romanticized as ushering in a clean slate, [...] Read more

Struggling for content? The role of market research in content marketing programmes

November 18, 2015

- Stephen Fishleigh, London
Content marketing has rapidly emerged as the one of the most popular marketing techniques in recent times. And it’s not hard to [...] Read more

BackBay Communications: 10 Lessons Learned in 10 Years of Business

October 28, 2015

- Bill Haynes, Boston
As BackBay Communications celebrates its 10th year in business providing branding, marketing and public relations to financial services companies, it’s a natural [...] Read more

Get in the Flow

October 27, 2015

- Bill Haynes, Boston
Have you ever been so absorbed in something you lose all sense of time? So focused that you don’t notice extraneous stimuli? [...] Read more