Employee Spotlight: Cailin Cowley

September 28, 2018

At BackBay, we’re proud of the talented people who make our firm great. They go above and beyond for our clients, ensuring we provide top-notch financial services-focused PR, content, and marketing support day in and out.

To recognize the BackBay members #BuildingBrands behind the scenes, we’ll be shining a light on individuals regularly to give you a glimpse into our team, their unique talents, and what life is like working at BackBay Communications.

Meet Cailin Cowley, an Account Executive on BackBay’s fintech team.

What’s your favorite part about working in Communications?

My favorite part is definitely when our team’s efforts pay off for clients. Whether it be a successful social media campaign, a well-written blog, or a positive piece of media coverage, the satisfaction of moving our clients forward in their marketing goals always makes the hard work worth it.

What made you want to join the Communications industry?

I was a Communications major in college and loved the kind of classes I took – they emphasized the importance of messaging, how to craft a narrative, and how to effectively communicate with others. When looking for a job post-graduation, I wanted to find a company that would allow me to foster those communication skills, offering opportunities for storytelling and collaborating with others. I found that at BackBay, and have enjoyed cultivating those skills to effectively interact with clients, reporters, and coworkers.

What fintech topic are you currently interested in?

I’m currently interested in learning more about artificial intelligence (AI). The idea of a machine being able to predict my next step is both fascinating and terrifying. Although machine learning isn’t exactly new to the industry, predictive analytics offer a new way for financial services companies to offer a customer-centric experience.

A few of our clients have also discussed the legal implications of AI black boxes, such as whom to hold accountable for a decision made by an algorithm – the machine or the human. I’m especially interested to see what regulations will be developed to deal with these issues. It seems like a hard balance to strike between consumer protection and promotion of innovation.

Describe your time at BackBay in three words.

Innovative, collaborative, informative.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was younger, my dream jobs included: princess, veterinarian, marine biologist, singer, and Broadway actress. A few years ago, my part-time job was working for a company as a Disney princess for children’s parties, so I crossed one of those off the list!

What has been your favorite project while working at BackBay?

One of our clients underwent a rebranding effort last winter, where we revamped their messaging, logo, and social media accounts. In doing the research for the branding project, I got to interview current and previous members of the organization to determine where the brand stood and where they wanted it to go. After implementing the changes, we’ve seen growth in the attendance at their events and in their social media followers. While I’ve loved many of the projects I’ve gotten to work on at BackBay, this one stood out because it gave me the opportunity to revamp a brand, get to know a relatively new client, and deepen my understanding of the importance of a strong brand.

What do you like to do when you’re not in the office?

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, running (and getting lost) around Boston, singing, playing guitar, and hanging out with friends over good food. Luckily, I just moved to the North End, so there’s been a lot of that lately.

If you could give a piece of advice for new Communications professionals, what would it be?

Be a sponge. When I first joined BackBay, I didn’t have a lot of experience in financial services or technology, so I had to put in extra effort to learn and absorb all of the new information that was being thrown at me. From observing my supervisors to reading all of the trade and business publications I could, I developed a knowledge of the space that has given me the backdrop necessary to understand our clients and offer strategic, well-informed marketing.