It all starts with the brand. To stand out in today’s crowded marketplace, companies need a brand that is clear and compelling.

Building Brands
BackBay helps companies build unique brands through research, positioning, design, and integrated, content-driven marketing programs.

Content-driven integrated marketing campaigns are more important than ever. They provide consistency of brand message across multiple print and digital mediums. They also offer efficiencies of scale. BackBay offers a full complement of integrated branding, marketing and public relations services.

Telling Stories
The heart of our mission is helping our clients tell their stories. As a specialist in working with financial services firms, BackBay has a deep understanding of the industry and is able to help clients identify and articulate their key differentiators and value propositions. We then capture and convey those attributes through engaging content and appealing design, as part of an integrated strategic communications program.

Our public relations services leverage our strong relationships with the leading business print, online and broadcast media to raise awareness and credibility for our clients.

Driving Sales Growth
We utilize our design skills to create websites, marketing materials and advertisements. We identify speaking opportunities for our clients and often create proprietary studies, white papers and events. All of these efforts help our clients build strong brands and drive strong sales growth.

BackBay has been an integral partner in helping to develop and execute PR, communications and marketing programs at BNY Mellon Eagle Investment Systems. From brand development to implementation of strategic, integrated marketing plans, BackBay has invested time in getting to know our business and has provided the framework needed to support our global growth and industry leading position.

Mal Cullen, CEO, Eagle Investment Systems